DONS BANNERA huge day in the history of AFC Wimbledon. A goal in additional time saw MK Dongs aka Franchise overcome the Real Dons and advance to the FA Cup 3rd round. But the Wimbledon players & supporters were the real stars. Full marks to whoever ordered the aerial bombardment sign #wearewimbledon! There was a great atmosphere at The Fans’ Stadium, Kingsmeadow, where several hundred Dons supporters watched the match on television.

Back Bar KM

Back Bar Kingsmeadow



Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes

The bar trade helped to bring in revenue as did the Club shop. I am glad I went there to follow the match and not to MK some 60 miles away. A moral victory for AFC Wimbledon. Two coincidences: as I write I am waiting for a bus at London Victoria coach station to take me back to Belfast via Cairnryan and the first stop is Milton Keynes. Update: A five minutes stop there for a cup of tea was plenty! Secondly I was picked up this morning heading to Belfast City airport by a taxi driver whose relative happened to work for MK DONS!! #wearewimbledon

AFC Wimbledon banner

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