May Day Parade Belfast

It’s time for New Year resolutions. In wishing everyone a Happy New Year, I want to ask NUJ members in particular to make one resolution that can make a difference. Decide to take a more active part in union affairs.

You can start the process now by ensuring that you vote in the elections for the National Executive Council and various other bodies that will begin their new mandate after the Delegate Meeting in Southport in April.

One contest that I am personally concerned with is the contest for two seats on the NEC representing members in the Republic of Ireland. It is a role I have carried out alongside Gerry Curran since 2018.

London Demonstration

Last time there was no contest. Now there are four candidates (or technically seven as three are standing as job shares) for the two posts.

I am seeking your #1 vote and to those who have already voted, my thanks. For all the others out there please make it your New Year resolution to take part in this important NUJ ballot. Along with the ballot paper(s) there is a leaflet with statements from each of the candidates.

You should have received the ballot paper before Christmas along with a reply paid envelope to return the form. Any paid up member in the Republic who did not receive a ballot paper in the post should contact:

If you have not already made your selection, now is the time to vote by marking your choices 1,2,3,4 in the relevant boxes. Make sure you post the envelopes as soon as possible to arrive in good time in London.

Belfast May Day Parade

Thanks once again for your support over the past two years and more in my various NUJ capacities.

MICHAEL FISHER January 1st 2020

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