Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick

The statue of Saint Patrick at the Sacred Heart Church in Kilburn, London, stands as a reminder of the large Irish community who used to worship here. The chapel at Quex Road was built in 1878/9 and there had been an Irish presence in the area since 1841. In the 1950s and 60s there was an influx of Irish labourers as the suburb was redeveloped, and it became known as Ireland’s 33rd county. But the Irish nature of the parish has now diminished, following the arrival of immigrants from the Indian subcontinent and elsewhere.

The parish is run by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI) and the parish priest is from Waterford. But his assistants are from areas as diverse as Sri Lanka, the Congo and the Philippines, along with one local man from Willesden, who was ordained in Ireland.

Sacred Heart Church, Kilburn

Sacred Heart Church, Kilburn

The priest from the Congo said the Mass I was at on Sunday morning. The three servers he had on the altar (two of them girls) were coloured and I noticed only a few people in the congregation who seemed to be Irish or were of Irish extraction. But on Sunday March 17th there will be celebrations for the feast of St Patrick.

Irish Papers

Irish Papers

Go out onto the nearby Kilburn High Road and you will still see an Irish influence. Not far from the former State cinema that once house the National Ballroom, I came across a newsagents shop, with a wide selection of Irish provincial newspapers for sale. The last time I saw such a selection was in Easons in Dublin. I was disappointed that among the papers missing were the Northern Standard (Monaghan), the Anglo-Celt (Cavan) and the (Carlow) Nationalist and Leinster Times.  But I’m sure if you went in and asked for any of the other titles, the newsagent would probably order them for you.

Many of the Irish emigrants who came to London never got the chance to return home. There are still some who are living on their own, who were never married and who have lost touch with Ireland. To provide accommodation for them, the Irish Centre Housing (ICH) group has developed a new hostel, close to the Sacred Heart church.

Conway House

Conway House

Conway House was originally the site of a nursing home, acquired from the Sisters of Hope in 1973. The new building costing £4 million contains 60 en-suite rooms for single people. There is an annexe with six flats for renting for family acommodation. The first new residents moved in two months ago at the start of December.  ICH provides accommodation and support for the homeless and those with alcohol, drug and mental health issues, as well as affordable housing for those on local authority waiting lists. The development was financed through Clydesdale Bank and was carried out in association with the London Borough of Camden’s Hostels Pathway project.

5 thoughts on “KILBURN

  1. stayed in conway hse with a load of other derry lads in 1986/87 fr X was in charge then,sound man he was,i was wondering if he was still about?

    • You are probably referring to Fr X X OMI who did a lot of work with the London Irish Centre and was also in Birmingham. I’m sorry Billy I have been unable to find out where he now is, but he celebrated 40 years in religious ministry four years ago, according to the Oblates’ magazine.

    • I stayed there then too, (personal reference edited) ******** *******.I remember reading an article on him in the sunday world newspaper around 87/88,i would like to know where he is now too.

  2. The Sacred Heart church in Kilburn is having its 150 years celebration next year. All are welcome to attend the special masses throughout the year. In June we will be having a special mass at Pentecost. then afterwards will be having a street party and will be launching the celebration book. The book will have history of the( Pugin) church, the school, outings, the priests that have served over the years and memories of those who attended the church, social club and school. If anyone would like to send a photo or a note of an event or just the time they spent at the school, club, Conway house or church it would be fantastic. Obviously not all photos can be in the book but there will be displays of photos within the church If you would like to know more or contribute a photo or memory please contact me Thanks.

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