Ice Hockey Fans at Odyssey Arena for WPFG 2013: Photo WPFG

Ice Hockey Fans at Odyssey Arena for WPFG 2013: Photo WPFG

The busiest day so far for me as a volunteer at the World Police and Fire Games, working at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast from 8am until 9pm. But I enjoyed being back at work again and having the opportunity to do some narrowcasting rather than broadcasting as an announcer in the stadium for the ice hockey. Thanks to the regulars who usually work at the Belfast Giants games for giving me some much needed guidance and support and helping me to say the right things (time of goal scored, for example) at what I hope was the right time.

finns (2)

Finland fans enjoying the ice hockey action: Photo WPFG

With six ice hockey matches running from 9am until 9pm there was much to be done. The ‘regulars’ were great in bringing on board those of us with little or no ice hockey experience (apart from watching the Belfast Giants!). Even Finn McCool dropped in to encourage the support for the home team, Northern Ireland Tridents in the last match at 7pm.

One group of supporters who seemed to be enjoying every second were the dancing ladies from Finland, who moved into action once the music got going! Even when their team was behind in their second match, they remained vocal throughout the proceedings and if I had a prize to give out to visitors from outside Northern Ireland, it would surely go to them. I acted as announcer at the first two matches, took a break while the third was on, acted as a goal judge at the next and announcer at the fifth. I remained over on that side of the ice to take charge of one of the penalty boxes for the last match, so it was certainly a busy day.

Now for the results:-

9am     Toronto Courts  4  Las Vegas Guns & Hoses 5 (after penalty shootout)

11am    NI Tridents 1  SW Finland Emergency Services 15

1pm      North America Blue  7  Reykjavik Ice Falcons  1

3pm      UK Firefighters/HMP Tornados  3  Las Vegas Guns  Hoses  8

5pm      Toronto Courts 7   SW Finland Emergency Services 4

7pm      NI Tridents 1   North America Blue 5    wpfgpuck

There are three more matches on the schedule tomorrow, at 3pm (Toronto Courts v UK Firefighters/HMP Tornados), at 5pm (SW Finland Emergency Services v Reykjavik Ice Falcons) and the final one at 7pm when the NI Tridents take on Las Vegas Guns and Hoses. Remember, admission is FREE! Come and support the local team!

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