IMG_20160129_132808Interesting to see a leaflet issued on behalf of Alan Shatter T.D. seeking his re-election. He is getting in ahead of the posse in Dublin Rathdown. Interesting because it is a personalised leaflet with no Fine Gael logo or picture of the man himself, who is currently on the FG back bench, having served as Minister for Justice. On the reverse side there is a direct attack on Sinn Fein policies and a stout defence of a government led by Fine Gael. It calls for a vote #2 for FG constituency colleague Cllr Josepha Madigan, whose face has already appeared on dozens of election-type posters advertising public meetings in the past year. Finally it calls for a supporting vote for Energy Minister Alex White TD of Labour. As I reported in these columns recently Alex White was the subject of a no-vote protest by anti- wind farm and anti-pylon  Campaigners.


Reverse Side of Leaflet


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