The following notification about an event near Tydavnet in North Monaghan this evening (Thursday 4th April) appears on the website I hope to attend.

Cornagilta School

Cornagilta School

Cornagilta History night: A history night focusing on the Rose Estate and Cornagilta School will take place next Thursday night 4th April 2013 in CornagiltaSchool. Local historians Theo McMahon and Grace Moloney (Clogher Historical Society) will be in attendance. Perhaps you worked on the estate, or you remember the night the “Big House” burned down, or do you know any wee snippet of information or have photos that you’d like to share about the school, who the teachers were etc. Doors open at 7pm, with the presentation starting at 8pm sharp, please be early to get a seat. Contributions will be most welcome from all sections of the community.

Entrance to Cornagilta School

Entrance to Cornagilta School


  1. Michael, perhaps you could help me. I have been trying to get some history of Cornagilta School. I have visited with my sister Nuala Mc Aleer, who was there on the opening day of the Heritage Centre, but as I am trying to put together some memories from our mother Sheila Mc Aleer, nee Campbell, I know that I can’t proceed without an understanding of the history of the school. Her father Patrick Campbell was instrumental in the re-opening of the school.
    I don’t want to put you to a lot of bother, but I would appreciate it very much if you could give me a brief outline of the role of my Grandfather. By the way, my mother, God rest her, named her house in Carrickmore “Cornagilta”.
    Thank you very much
    Maureen Duckenfield, nee Mc Aleer

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