Jack Johnston, President William Carleton Society, at the Blue Bridge Emyvale  Photo: Michael Fisher

William Carleton’s ‘Blue Bridge’ across the Mountain Water at Inishdevlin outside Emyvale was one of the points of note on a 5m walk this afternoon organised by the Clogher Valley Ramblers. It started and finished in Emyvale village, with cups of tea beforehand and afterwards at John’s Plaice.

William Carleton, a leading Irish writer of the 19thC came originally from the Clogher area. He wrote about life’s experiences and as he used to walk from his relatives’ house at Derrygola to Glennan for his education at the hedge school there (beside Glennan chapel). He always rested at the Blue Bridge. He has written in his Autobiography about its beauty and about the famous Fair of Emyvale.


Mountain Water at Inishdevlin near Emyvale Photo: Michael Fisher

The Emyvale Development Association organised a festival under the Banner of the Fair of Emyvale for a number of years while money was being raised for the Emyvale Leisure Centre.  On Sunday, August 4th 2013 during the annual summer school, all came alive again as Michael Fisher, Director of the William Carleton Society, unveiled a Plaque commemorating William Carleton’s connections with the Blue Bridge.

This event was organised by Emyvale Development Association. In 1997, Monaghan County Council in conjunction with Emyvale Development Association erected a Plaque on the Bridge but weather conditions eventually rotted the  plaque backing and it came away from the wall. A new Plaque was prepared and is now in place.


Clogher Valley Ramblers at the Blue Bridge, Emyvale Photo: Michael Fisher

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